Broiled Calf Liver

Slice it, season with pepper and salt, and broil nicely: rub a bit of cold butter on it, and serve hot and hot.

Larded And Roasted Calf's Liver

Lard a fine calf's liver the same as a fricandeau, and let it lie for twenty-four hours in vinegar, with a sliced onion, some parsley, a little thyme, a bay leaf, some salt and pepper. Roast, and baste it well with butter, then glaze it with a light glaze, and serve it with a poivrade, or any other sauce.

Roasted. Calf's Liver (1)

Wash and wipe it; then cut a long hole in it, and stuff it with crumbs of bread, chopped anchovy, a good deal of fat bacon, onion, salt, pepper, a bit of butter, and an egg; sew the liver up; lard it, wrap it in a veal caul, and roast it. Serve with, good brown gravy and currant jelly.

Roasted. Calf's Liver (2)

Lard a calf's liver with streaky bacon; roast and baste it frequently with its own gravy.

Roasted. Calf's Liver (3)

Lard a fine alf's liver, and pickle it in vinegar, with an onion, cut into slices, parsley, salt, pep. c, thyme, and a bay leaf. When it has then soaked for twenty-four hours, fasten it a spit, roast and baste it frequently. Glaz with a light glaze, as it is naturally of a black color. Serve under it a brown poivrade.

Scollops Calf's Liver

Par boil and cut into slices a very nice calf's liver, and shape them into hearts. Stew some fine herbs, parsley, shallots, and mushrooms; then add the calf's liver, and let if. stew over a slow fire; when done on one side, turn and season it with pepper and gait; take out the liver, dredge in a little flour over the herbs, and add some more gravy; let this boil for ten minutes, then heat the liver in the sauce before serving it. This may be eaten at breakfast.

Calf's Pluck

Wash it very clean, and, if liked, stuff the heart with a forcemeat, made of crumbs of bread, butter, and parsley, and seasoned with pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg. Fasten it firmly with the liver and lights, tying them to the skewers while roasting; baste it well with butter, and froth it the same way in which veal is done, and serve it with melted butter, mixed with a table-spoonful of lemon pickle, or vinegar poured over it.