Break into a small copper or brass pan, one pound of refined sugar, - put in a gill of spring water; - set it on a fire, and when it boils, skim it quite clean, and let it boil quick, till it comes to the degree called Crack, which may be known by dipping a teaspoon or skewer into the sugar, and let it drop to the bottom of a pan of cold water; and if it remains hard, it has attained that degree; squeeze in the juice of half a lemon, and let it remain one minute longer on the fire, then set the pan into another of cold water: - have ready moulds of any shape, - rub them over with sweet oil, dip a spoon or fork into the sugar, and throw it over the mould in fine threads, till it is quite covered: - make a small handle of caramel, or stick on two or three small gum paste rings, by way of ornament, and place it over small pastry of any description.