Cold Tenderloin. Beef (1)

Cut off entire the inside of a large sirloin of beef, brown it all over in a stewpan, then add a quart of water, half apint of Port wine, a tea-cupful of strong beer, two table-spoonfuls of vinegar, some pepper, salt, and a large onion finely minced; cover the pan closely, and let it stew till the beef be very tender Garnish with pickles.

Cold Tenderloin. Beef (2)

Cut oft the meat, with a little of the fat, into strips three inches long and half an inch thick; season with pepper and salt, dredge them with flour, and fry them brown in butter; then simmer them in a rich brown gravy; add of mushroom catchup, onion, and shallot vinegar, a table-spoonful each. Garnish with fried parsley.