Currant Ices (1)

Boil two pounds of red currants a moment with a quarter of a pound of raspberries; rub them through a sieve, adding a pint of water, and then the sugar, which must be very well dissolved before icing.

Currant Ices (2)

Pick some currants from their stalks, and squeeze them through a sieve; then take clarified sugar, boil it to a very high degree, add it to your currant juice, and, if you choose, squeeze in the juice of four lemons, .it will make it more mellow; strain them through the sieve a second time, put them in the icing pot, and finish the same as all other ices.

Currant Ice Cream

Take one large spoonful and a half of currant jelly, put it into a basin, with half a gill of sirup, squeeze in one lemon and a half; add a pint of cream and a little cochineal, then pass it through a sieve, and freeze it according to custom.

Currant Water Ice

Take a large spoonful and a half of currant jelly, put it into a basin, and add to it the juice of two lemons, half a gill of sirup, and a pint of water: then freeze it rich.

Common Dragees

The paste for these dragees is made in the same manner as for the better sort, but the materials differ a little: thus to a quarter of a pound of the gum, take either equal quantities of sugar and powder, or one-third of the former to two-thirds of the latter. When these and •he gum are well mixed, roll out the paste until it is as thin as the back of a knife-blade;, then take a paste-cutter, shaped like a sugar-loaf, with the top taken off, with the largest end of which, cut as many pieces of the paste as will about two-thirds fill the cutter; press these through the smaller end into paper cases; set them in a warm place for several days. These kind of dragees may, if liked, be sugared in the same manner as almonds.