Curry Powder (1)

Putthefollow-ing ingredients in a cool oven all night, and the next morning pound them in a marble mortar, and rub them through a fine sieve. Coriander-seed, three ounces, turmeric, three ounces, black pepper, mustard, and ginger, one ounce of each, allspice and less carda-mons, half an ounce of each, cumin seed, a quarter of an ounce. Thoroughly pound and mix together, and keep them in a well-stopped bottle. Those who are fond of curry sauces, may steep three ounces of the powder in a quail of vinegar or white wine for ten days, and will get a liquor impregnated with all the flavor of the powder.

Curry Powder (2)

Pound extremely fine, in a mortar, six ounces of coriander seed,three ounces of pepper, one ounce and a half of fennigreck seed, one ounce of cumin seed, three ounces of turmeric, and three-quarters of an ounce of Cayenne; sift it through muslin, and put it before the fire for four or five hours, stirring it every now and then. Keep it in a bottle with a glass stopper.