Grande Sauce

Take three or four slices from the under part of a knuckle of veal, and put them into a large stewpan with two ladlefuls of consomme, set it on a fierce fire, taking care to skim it as much as possible, and with a cloth wipe away all that adheres to the inside of the stew pan; when the consomme is reduced, prick the slices with a knife to let out the gravy; then set the stewpan on a slow fire, that the meat and glaze may adhere together, and as soon as the latter is of a clear light color, take it off, leave it covered for ten minutes, then fill it up with rich stock, in which is four or five large carrots, and three onions; let it boil slowly for two hours. In the meantime put the knuckle into a saucepan with four or five carrots, as many onions (one stuck with cloves), and two ladlefuls of consomme, set it on a brisk fire that the liquor may reduce to a jelly; as soon as this jelly begins to take color, pour on it the liquor from the other saucepan to dissolve the jelly gradually; then make it boil. Dilute some roux with the above liquor, and add it to the meat with some champignons, a bunch of parsley, scallions, and two bay-leaves, skim it when it begins to boil, and again when the roux is added, put in more consomme or roux, according as it is too thick or too thin.

When it has boiled an hour and a half, take off all the fat; and when the meat is quite done, strain the sauce through a bolting-cloth.

Grill Sauce

To half a pint of gravy, add an ounce of fresh butter, and a table-spoonful of flour, previously well rubbed to-gether, the same of mushroom or walnut ketchup, two tea-spoonfuls of lemon-juice, one of made mustard, one of minced capers, half a one of black pepper, a quarter of a rind of a lemon grated very thin, a tea-spoonful of essence of anchovies, and a little eschalot wine, or a very small piece of minced eschalot, and a little Chili vinegar, or a few grains of cayenne; simmer together for a few minutes; pour a little of it over the grill; and send up the rest in a sauce-tureen.

Harvey Sauce

Chop twelve anchovies, bones and all, very small, with one ounce of cayenne pepper, six spoonfuls of soy, six ditto of good walnut pickle, three heads of garlic, chopped not very small, a quarter of an ounce of cochineal, two heads of shallots, chopped not very small, one gallon of vinegar; let it stand fourteen days, stir it well, twice or thrice every day; then pass it through a jelly-bag, and repeat this till it is perfectly clear; then bottle it, and tie a bladder over the cork.

Horseradish Sauce To Eat With Hot Or Cold Meat

Mix a tea-spoonful of mustard, a table-spoonful of vinegar, and three of cream; add a little salt, and as much finely-grated horseradish as will make the sauce the consistence of onion sauce.

Kelly's Sauce For Boiled

Tripe, Calf-head, or Cow-heel. Garlic vinegar, a table-spoonful; of mustard, brown sugar, and black pepper, a tea-spoonful each; stirred into half a pint of oiled melted butter.