Lay a quartern of flour on a pasteboard or slab, make a hole in the centre, in which put an ounce of salt, and a little water to dissolve it, a pound of butter, twenty eggs; mix the two latter well together, then the flour; work it thoroughly with your hands, if it be very firm add more eggs. When perfectly smooth, sprinkle a cloth with flour, lay the paste in it, and set it in a cool place for ten or twelve hours. The next day heat about three quarts of water, and having cut your paste into small pieces, about an inch square, and having floured each, put them into hot but not boiling water, shake the kettle the instant after you have thrown them in, and as they rise, if they are firm to the touch, they are sufficiently done, and must be taken out of the saucepan, and thrown into cold water; let them remain two or three hours; then drain, and leave them again for three hours or more, and then bake them for about twenty minutes.