Eggs Caramel

Take the yolks of a dozen hard eggs, bruise them in a saucepan, with some powder-sugar, three almond biscuits, and half a glass of cream; make these into a paste, of which form little eggs, dip them in caramel sugar, and brown them.

Eggs Duchesse

Boil a pint and a half of cream with some sugar, orange-flower, candied lemon-peel, marchpane, and burn; almonds, all chopped small or bruised; whip up the whites of eight eggs well, and then take two or three spoonfuls of them at a time, and poach them in the cream; drain, and lay them on a dish, so as to resemble eggs poached without the yolks. When all the whites are thus used, put the cream on the fire, and reduce it, and as the dish is sent to table, add the yolks to the cream, and pour the sauce gently over the eggs.

Glace, Royal

Put the white of a new-laid egg into a pan, and mix with it a sufficient quantity of white powder-sugar to make a glace or icing, neither too dry nor too liquid; beat it well, and add a little lemon-juice to whiten it. By mixing with this glace, carmine, saffron, indigo, spinach-juice, etc.; it will be either rose-colored, yellow, blue, green, etc. according to your taste.

Eggs Filagramme

Take a pint of white wine, half a pound of fine powder-sugar, and make it into a clear sirup with the white of an egg; beat up well eight eggs, and pour them through a colander into the sirup; a very short time is sufficient to cook them. Serve either hot or cold.

Eggs Of Snow

Break ten eggs, and having separated the yolks and whites, whip the latter as for biscuits; then add two spoonfuls of powder-sugar, and a little dried orange-flower in powder. Pour a quart of milk, six ounces of powder-sugar, and a little orange-flower, into a saucepan, and when it boils put into it, a dessert-spoonful at a time, of the white of egg; poach the latter, and then set them on a sieve to drain. Then beat up the yolks, and mix them with half the milk, put it on the fire, and stir it witli a wooden-spoon till it begins to thicken; then take it off, lay the poached eggs in a dish, and cover them with the yolks and milk.

White Of Eggs

To make a dish of these, take the whites of twelve eggs, beat them up with four spoonfuls of rose-water, some lemon-peel grated, and a little nutmeg; sweeten them with sugar, mix them well, and boil them in four bladders; tie them in the shape of an egg, and boil them hard; they will take half an hour; lay them in a dish; when cold, mix. half a pint of thick cream, a gill of mountain, and the juice of half an orange all together; sweeten it with fine sugar, and serve it over the eggs.