Egg Marmalade (1)

Blanch and pound with a little rose water, two ounces of sweet almonds, the same of orange marmalade, and four of citron; add two spoonfuls of brandy, and when quite smooth, the beaten yolks of six and the whites of two eggs, with a little pounded loaf sugar; put it into a saucepan, and stir it till it becomes thick, then pour it into a shape. When quite cold, serve it, turned out and garnished with flowers.

Egg Marmalade (2)

Clarify a pound of sugar, keeping it rather thick; when cool, add to it the yolks of twenty eggs, which should be perfectly free from the whites, and well stirred, but not beaten; set these on the fire, stirring continually until it boils, and then continue to stir until sufficiently thick; if any scum should arise, it need not be taken off, as the boiling and stirring will effectually remove it. Orange-flower water may be added, if approved.