Fresh Neat's Tongue, In A Plain Way

Lard a tongue with tolerable-sized lardons, and boil it in broth, or in water, with a few onions and roots; when it is done, peel it, and serve it with broth, sprinkling it over with a little pepper and salt; it is also used without larding, and being boiled fresh in this manner, is considered very good for mince-pie meat.

Roasted Neat's Tongue A La Francaise

Boil a neat's tongue, and blanch it; set it by til! it is cold, then cut a hole in the under part, and take out the meat, mince it with two or three hard eggs, an apple, beef-suet, and bacon; season with salt, beaten ginger, and sweet herbs, shred very fine; stuff the tongue with this forcemeat; then cover the end with a veal caul, lard it with bacon, and roast it; serve with a sauce made of gravy, butter, and the juice of oranges, garnish the dish with sliced lemon-peel and barberries.