Fricassee Brown

Take two or three young rabbits, cut them in pieces, and stew them in gravy made of beef, some whole pepper, two shallots, one or two anchovies, a bit of horse-radish, and a little sweet marjoram powdered small. Stew the rabbits about a quarter of an hour, then take them out of the gravy, strain the liquor, fry your rabbits in lard or butter; add a glass of claret; you may fry some forcemeat balls, made with the livers of the rabbits parboiled, and a little parsley shred small,some nutmeg grated, pepper, salt, a few bread crumbs, and two buttered eggs; mix these all to gether, make them up into balls, dip them in the yolk of egg, roll them in flour, then fry them, and garnish your dish with them, with fried parsley, and sliced lemon.

Fricassee White

Cut a couple of rabbits into pieces, and let them soak in warm water to cleanse them from the blood; then lay them in a cloth to dry; put them into a stewpan with milk and water, and let them stew till they are tender, and then take a clean pan, and put into it half a pint of cream, and a quarter of a pound of butter; stir them well together till the butter is melted; be careful to keep it constantly stirring, or it will be greasy; put in the rabbits, take a little dried mice, a little pounded nutmeg, and a few mushrooms; shake them together for a few minutes, and then put it to the rabbits. You may add white wine if you choose.