Jerusalem Artichokes (1)

Are boiled and dressed in the various ways directed for potatoes. N. B - They should be covered with thick melted butter, or a nice white or brown sauce.

Jerusalem Artichokes (2)

They must be neatly peeled, and boiled very gently by the side of the stove, with a little salt in the water; when done (but not too much, or they will not look well) pace them on the dish, and serve with plain butter, or any other sauce you please,

How To Fricassee Jerusalem Artichokes

Wash and scrape or pare them; boil them in milk and water till they are soft, which will be from a quarter to half an hour. Take them out and stew them a few minutes in the following sauce: - Roll a bit of butter, the size of a walnut, in flour, mix it with half a pint of cream or milk; season it with pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg. They may be served plain boiled, with a little melted butter poured over them. Scorzonera is fricasseed in the same manner.