To a gallon of spring water add some cinnamon and cloves, plenty of orange and plenty of lemon-juice, and a bit of the peel of each; sweeten well with loaf sugar, and whisk it with the whites of six eggs, and the yolk of one; give it a boil, and then let it simmer for ten minutes; then run it through a jelly-bag, and let it stand till cold, before it is drank.

Lemonade Transparent

The peel of fourteen lemons having been soaked in two quarts of water for two hours, their juice, one pound and a half of sugar, and a quart of white wine, are to be added; a quart of new milk, made boiling hot, is then to be mixed with it, and when it has stood an hour, it is to be strained through a jelly-bag till it runs clear.