Take ripe juicy free-stone peaches, pare them, and cut them into small pieces; of course leave out the stones, half of which must be cracked, and the kernels blanched and mixed with the peaches. Mix in a sufficient quantity of sugar to make them very sweet, and set the peaches away till the sugar draws out the juice. Then stew them (without water) till quite soft'. Take them out, mash them with the back of a spoon, and set them away to cool.

Have ready some shells of fine puff-paste, baked of a light brown. When cool, put the peaches into the shells; having first mixed the stewed fruit with some cream. Grate white sugar over them.

You may substitute for the kernels a handful of fresh peaclvleaves, stewed with the fruit and then taken out. The kernels or leaves will greatly improve the flavor of the peaches.

Peach-leaves may be kept fresh in water for two or three days.