Pomegranate Clear Cakes

Pare some good boiling apples, and put them into a saucepan with as much water as will . cover them, set them on the fire, and when perfectly soft, press the pulp through a sieve, and then strain it. Boil this jelly with the juice of two or three pomegranates, that of one orange, and one lemon, and the rind of each grated; strain it again, and to every pound of jelly add a pound and a quarter of fine sugar, boiled till it cracks, color it with cochineal; pour it into glasses (taking off the scum before it becomes cold). Set them in a stove, and when the top is dry, turn them out, and put them to dry again; then cut them into whatever forms you please, put them into the stove or oven to harden, then lay them on sieves, and when thoroughly dry, place them in boxes with paper between. As they are apt to become moist, they should be looked at frequently.

Pomegranate Jelly, Transparent

Take the seeds from five very fine pomegranates, from which extract the juice by pressing it hard through a horse-hair sieve; filter this juice and mix it with some sirup tinged of a rose color, with a little cochineal; add the isinglass to this, and finish as usual. (See Jelly Fruit.)

Pomegranate Sirup

Take five very ripe large pomegranates, extract the seeds (which must be very red); crush, and put them into a skillet, with half a pint of water; set them on the fire till soft, and then squeeze the juice through a new coarse cloth; clarify a pound and half of sugar, and boil it to souffle, then add the juice, boil them together to the usual con-, sistence of sirups. It must not be bottled until quite cold. This number of pome-granates will yield a quart of sirup.