Rice Flummery (1)

Boil a pint of new milk, with a bit of lemon-peel and cinnamon: then mix just sufficient rice-flour, with a little cold milk as will make the whole of a good consistence, sweeten according to taste, flavor with a little pounded bitter almond; boil it, taking care not to let it burn; pour it into a shape or pint basin, taking out the spice. When the flummery is cold, turn it into a dish, and serve with cream, milk, or custard, all round, or serve with sweet sauce in a boat.

Rice Flummery (2)

Boil in a quart of milk five ounces of sifted ground rice, half an ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and pounded with two table-spoonfuls of rose-water; sweeten, and stir it till very thick, so that the bottom of the saucepan is seen, and then put it into a mould; when quite cold turn it out, stick over it sweet almonds, cut into straws, and pour round it some thick cream, and a little white wine and sugar mixed with it.