Trifle (1)

Sweeten three pints of cream; add to it half a pint of mountain wine, grate in the rind of a lemon, squeeze in the juice, and grate in half a nutmeg; whisk this up, lay the froth on a large sieve, and the sieve over a dish that has ratafia cakes, macaroons, sweet almonds, blanched and pounded, citron, and candied orange-peel, cut into small pieces, some currant jelly, and raspberry jam in it, that the liquor may run upon them; when they are soaked, lay them in the dish you intend to serve in, put on the froth as high as possible, well drained; strew over nonpareils, and stick on little slices of citron, orange, or lemon-peel.

Trifle (2)

Lay some macaroons and ratafia drops over the bottom of your dish, and soak them well with raisin wine, when soaked, pour on them a very rich cold custard. It must stand two or three inches thick; on that put a layer of raspberry jam, and cover the whole with a very high whip made the preceding day, of rich cream, the whites of two eggs, well beaten, sugar, lemon-peel, and raisin wine, well beat with a whisk. It is best to make it the day before it is wanted, being more solid and better tasted.

Trifle (3)

Put half a pound of macaroons into a dish, pour over them some white wine, and a pint of custard over that, make a whip, and put on it; garnish according to your fancy.