Potato Pie

Peel and slice your potatoes very thin into a pie-dish; between each layer of potatoes put a little chopped onion (three-quarters of an ounce of onion is sufficient for a pound of potatoes); between each layer sprinkle a little pepper and salt; put in a little water, and cut about two ounces of fresh butter into little bits, and lay them on the top: cover it close with puff paste. It will take about an hour and a half to bake it. N. B. The yolks of four eggs (boiled hard) may be added; and when baked, a table-spoonful of good mushroom ketchup poured in through a funnel. Observations: Cauliflowers divided into mouthfuls, and button onions, seasoned with curry-powder, etc. make a favorite vegetable pie.

Squash Pie

One pint of squash, stewed and strained; one pint of milk, and one of cream; ten eggs; half teacup of rose-water; quarter pound of sugar, and one grated nutmeg. Bake in plates lined with puff paste.

Vegetable Pie

Of a variety of vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, potatoes, artichoke bottoms, cauliflower, French beans, peas, and small button onions, equal quantities of each; half boil them in good broth for a short time, put them into a pie dish, cover it with puff paste, and bake it in a slow oven; make a gravy of a bit of veal, a slice of ham, pepper, salt, a bay leaf, mushrooms, shallots, parsley, and an onion; when it has boiled thick, strain the liquor, and mix in three or four table-spoonfuls of cream, and pour it into the pie before being served. The cream may be omitted.