Violet Drops (1)

Take a certain quantity of sirup of violets, which mix with an equal portion of water; use this mixture, and make your drops precisely as directed. You may, if you please, perfume it with oil of violets, but that is not necessary, as the sirup, imparls sufficient odour

Violet Drops (2)

Take the juice of six lemons, mix with it some finely sifted powdered sugar, and two spoonfuls of essence of violets, and color it of a fine blue color; mix the whole well together, and dry it over the fire, the same as all others, and drop them off a knife on paper, the usual size of drops; let them stand till cold, be careful that your mixture is not too thin; when the drops are cold, put them into papered boxes.

Marmalade Of Violets

Take three pounds of violets, and four pounds of sugar, put the former into a mortar and bruise them to a pulp; in the meantime boil the sugar to souffle, then add the flowers; stir them together, add two pounds of apple marmalade, and when it has boiled up a few times, put the marmalade into pots.

Sirup Of Violets

Pound very lightly in a marble mortar, and with a wooden pestle, one pound of picked violets; warm gradually a glass, or earthenware ves-sel with a small opening, into which put the pounded flowers, and pour over them two pounds of boiling water; close the vessel hermetically, and place it on hot ashes, renewing them when necessary, to keep up an equal temperature for twelve hours; after that time pass the whole through a close cloth, squeezing it well; let it stand for half an hour; then pour it off very carefully, that all the sediment may remain at the bottom; weigh it, and the above quantities will have yielded seventeen ounces; put into a matrass two pounds of crushed sugar with the infusion, close the matrass tight, and set it in the bain marie, over a moderate fire; shake it occasionally to accelerate the dissolution of the sugar, and when perfectly dissolved, let the fire go out and the matrass cool gradually. When cold, pour the sirup into bottles.