Violets Candied

Pick off the green stalks from some double violets; boil some sugar to souffle; put in the violets, and keep them in till the sugar again boils to souffle; then rub the sugar against the sides of the pan until it is white; stir all together till the sugar leaves the violets, and then sift and dry them.

Violets To Rock Candy

Pick the leaves off the violets; then boil some of the best, and finest sugar to souffle, pour it into a candying-pan made of tin, in the form of a dripping-pan, about three inches deep; then strew the violet leaves as thick as possible on the top, and put it into a hot stove, in which let it remain for ten days; when it is hard candied, break a hole in one corner of it, and drain off all the sirup; break it out, and place it in heaps upon a tin to dry in a stove.

Conserve Of Violets

Take a quarter of a pound of early violets, picked; bruise them in a mortar; boil two pounds of sugar to casse, take it off, put in the pulp, and mix them together over the fire, and when the sugar bubbles up, pour the conserve into the moulds.