Boil a pint of milk, and when it rises in the pan, pour in one glass of sherry and one of currant wine; let it again boil up, take it off the fire, and, when it has stood a few minutes, remove the curd, pour off the clear whey, and sweeten it.

Whim Wham

Sweeten a quart of cream, and mix with it a tea-cupful of white wine, and the grated peel of a lemon; whisk it to a froth, which drain upon the back of a sieve, and put part into a deep glass dish; cut some Naples biscuit as thin as possible, and put a layer lightly over the froth, and one of red currant jelly, then a layer of the froth, and one of the biscuit and jelly; finish with the froth, and pour the remainder of the cream into the dish, and garnish with citron and candied orange-peel cut into straws.