Thicken half a pint of cream with a little flour and butter, four shallots minced, a little mace and lemon-peel; let it boil, and a little before serving, add a spoonful of white wine, the well-beaten yolk of an egg, the squeeze of a lemon, and a tea-spoonful of anchovy liquor. This sauce will answer for boiled fowls, or for a fricassee.

White Sauce For Fowls Or Turkey

Put on, in a quart of water, the necks of fowls, a piece of the scrag-end of a neck of mutton, two blades of mace, twelve peppercorns, one anchovy, a small head of celery, a slice from off the end of a lemon, and a bunch of sweet herbs; cover it closely, and let it boil till reduced to nearly half a pint; strain, and put to it a quarter of a pound of butter dredged with flour; let it boil for five minutes, and then add two spoonfuls of pickled mushrooms. Mix with a tea-cupful of cream, the well-beaten yolks of two eggs, and some grated nutmeg; stir this in gradually, and shake the pan over the fire till it is all quite hot, but do not allow it to boil.

White Italian Sauce

Pee some mushrooms, and throw them into a little water and lemon-juice, to keep them white. Put into a stewpan two-thirds of sauce tournee, and one-third of good veal stock, two table-spoonfuls of finely-chopped mushrooms, and half a table-spoonful of washed and chopped shallots; let it boil till well flavored, and then serve it. The mushrooms should be as white as possible.

White Sharp Sauce

Boil with a little tarragon, or tarragon vinegar, if the tarragon is not to be had, four table-spoonfuls of white wine vinegar, and about twenty peppercorns; reduce this to one-fourth, and add it to six table-spoonfuls of sauce-tournee, and two of good stock; boil and ,strain it; put it again on the fire, and thicken it with the beaten yolks of two eggs, a small bit of butter, a little salt and cayenne. Just before serving, stir in a spoonful of cream.

White Sauce For Boiled Fowls

Melt in a tea-cupful of milk a large table-spoonful of butter kneaded in flour, beat up the yolk of an egg with a tea-spoonful of cream, stir it into the batter, and heat it over the fire, stirring it constantly; chopped parsley improves this sauce. It also may be made by melting the butter with water, and mixing milk with the egg.

Spice For White Sauce

Pound two minces of pepper, a quarter of an ounce of mace, grate one nutmeg, and the peel of one lemon; mix all together in a bottle.