Balm Wine

Boil twenty pounds of lump sugar in four gallons and a half of water gently for an hour, and put it in a tub to cool. Bruise two pounds of the tops of green balm, and put them into a barrel with a little new yeast, and when the sirup is nearly cold pour it on the balm. Stir it well together, and let it. stand twenty-four hours, stirring frequently; bring it up, and when it has stood for six weeks, bottle it. Put a lump of sugar into each bottle; cork it tight. The longer it is kept the better it will be.

Blackberry Wine

Put full ripe blackberries into a large vessel with a cock in it, pour on as much boiling water as will cover them, and as soon as the heat will permit, bruise them well with the hand till all the berries are broken; cover them, and in about three or four days, when the berries rise to the top, draw off the clear part into another vessel; add to every ten quarts of the liquor one pound of sugar, stir it well in, and let it stand a week or ten days to work. Draw it off through a jelly-bag. Steep four ounces of isinglass in a pint of sweet wine for twelve hours, then boil it slowly till dissolved, put it in a gallon of the blackberry juice, boil them together and then put all together; let it stand a few days, and bottle