Tournadoes Of Beef

Wipe a fillet of beef, cut in three-fourth-inch slices and trim in circular shapes. Saute in butter in a hot iron frying pan six minutes. Arrange on serving dish, place a Hominy and Horseradish Croquette on each and on each croquette place a section of banana, sauted in butter. To fat remaining in frying pan add two tablespoons boiling water, one-half teaspoon beef extract and one tablespoon butter. Pour around beef.

Tournadoes of Beef.

Tournadoes of Beef.-Page 109.

Beef Tenderloins A La Wright

Cut six three-quarter-inch slices from a tenderloin of beef, trim and shape into rounds and broil four minutes. Wipe and chop ten mushrooms, add three tablespoons butter and cook five minutes; then add two tablespoons flour, one-half cup cream, two tablespoons Sherry wine, one and one-half teaspoons salt, one-eighth teaspoon, each, nutmeg and cayenne and cook five minutes. Put mixture in eight puff paste cases, cover with broiled tenderloin and garnish top of each with a sauted mushroom cap. Serve with Sauce Bearnaise (The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, see p. 275).

Larded Fillet Of Beef, Madeira Sauce

Wipe a fillet of beef, remove fat, veins and tendonous portions, skewer in shape and lard upper side with grain of meat. Place on rack in pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, dredge with flour and put in bottom of pan small pieces of pork. Bake in a hot oven twenty-five minutes, basting three times. Take out skewer, remove meat to hot platter, pour around Madeira sauce and garnish with parsley. For the sauce brown four tablespoons butter, add five tablespoons flour and stir until well browned. Then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one and one-fourth cups brown stock. Bring to the boiling point and add two canned pimientos (drained and cut in thin strips), one-half teaspoon salt and a few grains pepper. Again bring to the boiling point and add one and one-half tablespoons Madeira wine.

The Larding of a Fillet of Beef.

The Larding of a Fillet of Beef. - Page 110.

Fillet Of Beef A La Newport

Wipe, remove fat, veins and tendinous portions from a fillet of beef. Put one-fourth cup butter in hot frying pan and add two tablespoons finely chopped parsley and two slices lemon. When butter is melted, add fillet and turn frequently until entire surface is seared and well browned. Cook, turning occasionally, twenty minutes; then pour over one-fourth cup Sherry wine, cover and let stand eight minutes. Place on hot platter, remove lemon and pour liquid in pan over meat. Garnish with parsley.

Hungarian Goulasch

Wipe two pounds beef cut from lower part of round with a piece of cheese-cloth, wrung out of cold water, and cut in one and one-half inch cubes. Put in saucepan, add one quart boiling water, to which has been added two cloves of garlic and let boil five minutes. Cover and let simmer until meat is tender.

Pare potatoes and cut in three-quarter-inch slices, then cut slices in cubes; there should be one and one-half cups. Cover with boiling salted water and let boil five minutes; drain and add to meat fifteen minutes before serving-time to finish the cooking. Peel twenty-four tiny onions and cook in boiling salted water to cover; drain and add to goulasch. Cream three tablespoons butter, add three tablespoons flour and work until smooth; then add by small pieces to stock in stewpan (of which there should be two cups), stirring constantly. Season with salt and pepper and turn on a hot platter.