Baked Eggs With Pimiento Potatoes

TO two cups hot riced potatoes, add two tablespoons butter, one-third cup rich milk, and one-half teaspoon salt. Beat vigorously three minutes, add one and one-half canned pimientos, forced through a strainer, and continue the beating until mixture is thoroughly blended. Pile evenly on a buttered baking dish, and make four cavities. In each cavity slip a raw egg, and bake until eggs are set.

Baked Eggs with Pimiento Potato.

Baked Eggs with Pimiento Potato. - Page 53.

French Poached Eggs

Put three pints boiling water in saucepan and add one tablespoon vinegar, and one-half tablespoon salt. Stir vigorously around and around edge of saucepan (using a wooden spoon held in a nearly upright position) while water is boiling vigorously.

As soon as well is formed in middle of water, slip in an egg. Remove to back of range and cook until white is set. Take out with a skimmer and trim. Repeat until the desired number of eggs is prepared.

Scrambled Eggs, New York Style

Cover a thin slice of ham with lukewarm water and let stand twenty-five minutes; then cut in thin Julienne-shaped pieces; there should be one cup. Put ham in omelet pan, add two tablespoons finely chopped onion and one and one-half tablespoons butter, and cook five minutes. Add five mushroom caps cut in slices, and cook five minutes. Arrange in a border around serving dish, fill centre with Scrambled Eggs (see The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, p. 98), and garnish with parsley.

Buttered Eggs A La Roberts

Cook six Buttered Eggs (see The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, p. 99), arrange on a hot platter, pour around Roberts Sauce, and garnish with parsley.

Roberts Sauce

Melt three-fourths tablespoon butter, add three shallots finely chopped, and one-half tablespoon flour, and cook five minutes. Add one tablespoon vinegar, one-half cup white stock, two chopped pickles, one-half tablespoon chopped capers, one teaspoon chopped olives, one-half teaspoon French mustard, one-fourth teaspoon salt, and a few grains cayenne. Cook ten minutes, stirring constantly.

Eggs A La Benedict, 1912 Style

Split and toast English muffins. Place on each a circular piece of broiled ham, and over ham place a French poached egg. Pour over the following sauce:.

Melt one and one-half tablespoons butter, add one and one-half tablespoons flour, and stir until well blended; then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, three-fourths cup thin cream. Bring to the boiling point and add gradually the yolks of four eggs, and one-half cup butter. Season with one-half teaspoon salt, a few grains cayenne, and one and one-half tablespoons Tarragon vinegar. Add beef extract, by dipping two-tined fork in extract, then trailing through sauce, and repeating until trails of beef extract are through the sauce.