Celery With Caviare

WASH, scrape and cut celery stalks in three and one-half inch pieces and curl ends. Spread uncurled portions of grooves with caviare, and arrange each on a small, crisp lettuce leaf, placed on a small fancy plate. Garnish each with a radish, cut to rep-present a tulip. Serve as a first course at a formal dinner or luncheon.

Celery With Roquefort

Wash, scrape and cut celery stalks in two-inch pieces. Work one tablespoon butter until creamy, add two tablespoons Roquefort cheese and stir until thoroughly blended; then season highly with salt and paprika. Spread mixture on inside of celery stalks and serve on bed of chopped ice.

Sardine Cocktail

1 small box sardines 1/2 cup Tomato Catsup.

2 teaspoons Worcestershire.


1/2 teaspoon Tabasco Sauce.

Juice 1 lemon.


Skin and bone sardines and separate in small pieces. Mix catsup, sauce and lemon juice, add sardines and season with salt. Chill thoroughly and serve in scallop shells on a plate of crushed ice.

Sardine Cocktail.

Sardine Cocktail.- Page 372.