Soak two tablespoons granulated gelatine in two tablespoons cold water and dissolve in one-third cup boiling water; then add one cup ginger ale, one-fourth cup lemon juice, two tablespoons sugar and a few grains salt. Let stand until mixture begins to set and fold in one-third cup Malaga grapes, skinned, seeded and cut in halves, one-third cup celery, cut in slices crosswise, one-third cup apple, cored, pared and cut in Julienne-shaped pieces, two tablespoons Canton ginger, cut in small pieces, and four tablespoons canned, shredded pineapple.

Ginger Ale Salad.

Ginger Ale Salad. - Page 209.

Turn into a border mould, chill and remove to serving dish. Garnish with parsley and celery tips. In centre place small dish, fill with Cream Mayonnaise Dressing and garnish with curled celery.