Coffee Ice Cream

2 cups scalded milk 1/3 cup ground coffee 1 tablespoon flour.

1 cup sugar.

1 egg.

1/8 teaspoon salt.

1 quart thin cream.

Scald milk with coffee. Mix flour and sugar, add egg, slightly beaten, and milk, gradually. Cook over hot water twenty minutes, stirring constantly at first and afterwards occasionally. Cool, add cream and strain through a double thickness of cheese-cloth, placed over a fine sieve. Freeze, using three pints finely crushed ice to one pint rock salt.

Prune Ice Cream

1 cup prunes.

1 1/2 cups cold water.

1 cup sugar.

4 tablespoons lemon juice 1 cups heavy cream 1/8 teaspoon salt.

Pick over prunes and soak over night in cold water. Cook in same water until soft, remove stones and put fruit pulp through a puree strainer. Add sugar, lemon juice, salt and heavy cream, beaten until stiff; then freeze.

Strawberry Ice Cream I

1 quart strawberries.

1 cup sugar.

1 1/2 cups heavy cream.

1 1/2 cups milk Whites 4 eggs 1/8 teaspoon salt.

Wash, pick over, hull and mash berries. Sprinkle with sugar, cover and let stand several hours; then squeeze through a double thickness of cheese-cloth. Mix cream, milk, whites of eggs, beaten until stiff, and salt. Freeze to a mush, using three parts finely crushed ice to one part rock salt. Add fruit juice and continue the freezing. If the fruit is acid more sugar may be necessary.

Quince Ice Cream

Make same as Strawberry Ice Cream I, using one-half cup quince puree in place of strawberries and adding one-half cup quince syrup drained from canned quince and one-half tablespoon lemon juice. To obtain quince puree, drain canned quince and force through a puree strainer.

Strawberry Ice Cream II

3 cups thin cream.

Syrup from canned strawberries.


Few grains salt.

Red coloring.

To cream add syrup drained from canned strawberries to flavor, sugar to sweeten, and salt; then color a delicate pink. Freeze, using three parts finely crushed ice to one part rock salt.

Normandy Ice Cream

2 cups sugar 1/2 cup water Yolks 6 eggs.

1 pint heavy cream.

4 tablespoons Maraschino.

1 teaspoon vanilla.

Few grains salt.

Put sugar and water in saucepan, bring to boiling point and let boil until syrup will spin a thread when dropped from tip of spoon. Pour gradually, while beating constantly, on yolks of eggs, well beaten. Cool, add cream, beaten until stiff, and remaining ingredients. Freeze and serve in glasses with Marshmallow Sauce.

Praline Ice Cream

1/2 cup sugar.

2/3 cup chopped pecan nut meats.

2 cups scalded milk.

Yolks 3 eggs.

1/2 cup sugar Few grains salt 1 cup heavy cream tablespoon vanilla.

Put one-half cup sugar in small omelet pan and stir constantly, until caramelized. Add nut meats and turn into a slightly buttered tin. Cool, pound and pass through a strainer. Make a custard of milk, egg yolks, remaining sugar and salt. Add prepared nuts and cool; then add cream, beaten until stiff, and vanilla and freeze.

Henri Apricot Ice Cream

1 can apricots.

1 1/2 cups orange juice.

cup lemon juice Few grains salt.

1 cup sugar.

Drain apricots and force fruit through a puree strainer. To syrup add fruit juices and salt, and sweeten to taste; then add apricot puree. Freeze, using three parts finely crushed ice to one part rock salt, and mould in one-half-pound baking powder boxes. Pack in salt and ice and let stand one and one-half hours. Remove from moulds, cut in slices for serving, and garnish with Praline Ice Cream.

Glace Helene

Line a mould with vanilla ice cream and fill with the following mixture: Beat one pint heavy cream until stiff and add one-half cup powdered sugar, one jar red Bar-le-duc Currants, one teaspoon vanilla and one cup canned pineapple, cut in small cubes, and soaked in one tablespoon Kirsch one hour. Cover with ice cream to overflow mould. Adjust cover, pack in salt and ice, using equal parts, and let stand two hours.

Bombe Mousselaine

Line a mould with strawberry ice and fill with the following mixture: Beat one cup heavy cream until stiff and add three-fourths cup powdered sugar, one cup strawberry puree, one tablespoon Kirsch and one teaspoon vanilla. Cover with strawberry ice to overflow mould, adjust cover, pack in salt and ice, using equal parts, and let stand two hours. To obtain strawberry puree force fresh strawberries through a puree strainer. Remove to chilled serving dish and garnish with whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with vanilla, and fresh selected strawberries.