By Measurement


1 1/2 cups bread flour, once sifted 1 cup washed butter.


1 cup bread flour, once sifted 1/2 cup pastry flour, once sifted 1 cup washed butter.

Either I or II gives the correct ingredients by measure for the making of puff paste. These have been worked out at the request of many pupils who often do not have family scales or if they do have them, find they do not always weigh correctly or are carelessly used. Follow directions for the making in The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 461,.

Family Paste

MIX and sift two cups pastry flour with one and one-half teaspoons salt and work in two-thirds cup lard, using the tips of the fingers. Moisten with one-half cup cold water and toss two-thirds of the mixture on a slightly floured board. Pat and roll in rectangular shape, spread with one tablespoon lard and dredge with flour. Cut in thirds, lengthwise; pile strips one on top of another. Fold in halves and then in quarters. Again pat and roll out, spread, dredge and fold as before. Cut in halves, turn over, having cut edges come on top. Pat and roll each piece to fit top of pie, and pat and roll reserved third for two undercrusts.

Oscar's Paste

2 2/3 cups pastry flour cup cold water.

3/4 cup washed butter 2 tablespoons lard.

Put two cups flour in bowl, add gradually cold water and beat until smooth. Put one-third cup flour on board or cloth, turn mixture from bowl on flour. Put two-thirds washed butter mixed with lard in centre of mixture, draw mixture over butter, sprinkle top generously with some of the remaining one-third flour and pat and fold four times. Again sprinkle with flour and pat and roll in long rectangular shape. Spread with remaining butter, dredge with flour and fold from ends towards centre, mak-ing three layers. Pat, roll and again fold; repeat three times.

Irish Puff Paste

2 cups bread flour 2 cups butter.

Cold water.

Put flour in bowl and add butter, separated into small pieces. Moisten to a dough with water and toss on a slightly floured board or cloth. Pound, using the rolling pin, until butter is thoroughly incorporated throughout the mixture. If butter becomes so soft that the handling is difficult, put on ice to chill. When thoroughly blended, pat, roll, shape and bake.

Cataldi's Puff Paste

1 pound pastry flour.

2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Yolk 1 egg Cold water 1 pound washed butter.

Put flour, once sifted, in bowl, make a depression in centre, pour in lemon juice and add yolk of egg and salt; then add cold water to make a dough. Toss on a floured cloth, knead, cover and let stand five minutes. Pat, roll out and fold in washed butter, same as puff paste (see The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 461).