Lakewood Salad

Cut one grape fruit and two oranges in sections and free from seed and membrane. Skin and seed white grapes; there should be three-fourths cup. Cut pecan nut meats in pieces; there should be one-third cup. Mix prepared ingredients, arrange on a bed of romaine, pour over dressing and garnish with thin strips of red pepper.

For the dressing mix four tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon grape fruit juice, one-half tablespoon vinegar, one teaspoon salt, one-fourth teaspoon paprika, one-eighth teaspoon pepper and one tablespoon finely chopped Roquefort cheese.

Moquin Salad

Seed and peel white grapes and stuff with strips of canned pimiento; there should be one cup. Separate tangerines into sections and free from skin and seeds; there should be one and one-fourth cups. Mash a ten cent cream cheese, add one-fourth cup chopped pecan nut meats and moisten with French Dressing; then make into balls about size of grapes. Arrange grapes, tangerines and cheese balls on lettuce leaves, and serve with French Dressing.

Strawberry Salad

Wash, hull and cut one pint selected strawberries in halves, lengthwise. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and add one teaspoon kirsch. Cover and let stand in ice box until thoroughly chilled. Arrange in eight nests of white lettuce leaves and cover fruit with one-half pint whipped cream (seasoned with salt and paprika) to which has been added one-half cup Mayonnaise Dressing. Garnish with halves of strawberries and chopped pistachio nut meats.

Rosalie Salad

Cook celery roots in boiling salted water to cover. Drain, chill and cut in thin slices. Drain halves of canned peaches and fill cavities with chopped Pistachio nut meats. Cut cold boiled beets in thin slices. Arrange prepared vegetables and fruit on a bed of escarole, and when thoroughly chilled, pour over French Dressing.

Cherry Nut Salad

Wipe fresh or drain canned cherries. Remove stones and fill cavities thus made with pecan nut meats. Arrange on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves and garnish with cherries, from which the stems have not been removed, if any are at hand. Serve with Cream Mayonnaise.

Cherry Nut Salad.

Cherry Nut Sary Nut Salad. - Page 205.

Rochester Salad

Remove pimientos from can, drain thoroughly and dry on a towel. Line timbale moulds with pimientos and pack solidly with the following mixture: Work a small cream cheese until smooth, add two tablespoons pecan nut meats, broken in pieces, and moisten with French Dressing. Chill thoroughly, remove from moulds and cut in one-third-inch slices crosswise. Arrange for individual service on crisp lettuce leaves, allowing three slices for each portion. Serve with California French Dressing.

Cheese And Apple Salad

Wipe and pare apples and shape with a French vegetable cutter, having twenty-four small balls; then marinate with French Dressing and let stand until chilled.

Mash a cream cheese and add one teaspoon, each, Worcestershire Sauce and salt, and one tablespoon chopped canned pimiento. Shape into twelve balls, same size as apple balls. Arrange on bed of lettuce leaves and garnish with strips of canned pimiento. Serve with French Dressing.