Capillaire. Frauenhaarsyrup.

No. 353. - There are three varieties - the white, black, and Canadian - the latter kind being used most. They are diuretic, stomachic, and principally bechic. The Capillary syrup has all the virtue of the plant, and is used by pastry cooks for Bavarian creams, etc. The Capillary syrup and the syrup of marsh mallow have the same properties, and are used for the same purposes.

Capillary Syrup

No. 354. - Take seven pounds of sugar and boil it to a light syrup. When it is boiling hot pour it over six ounces of Capillary. Then cover it and let it lay until next day, when you will drain off the syrup, boil it again to thirty-two degrees, and then pour it boiling hot over the Capillary again. When it is cold, strain it and put it in bottles.

Note -When the Capillary is boiled with the syrup, its flavor evaporates somewhat, and leaves a disagreeable taste.