Take half a pound of the best maccaroons, (such as are made with both sweet and bitter almonds,) lay them in the bottom of a deep dish, sprinkle them well with powdered loaf-sugar, and pour on sufficient white wine (or wine and brandy mixed) to dissolve them completely. Fine, clear, bottled cider will be still better. Beat to a stiff froth six whites of egg. and then beat in, gradually, enough of powdered loaf-sugar to make a very thick icing or meringue; flavouring it well with lemon-juice, or rose or orange-juice. Then cover the dissolved cake very thickly and evenly with the meringue, which should be put on two or three inches thick. Smooth its surface with a broad knife dipped in cold water. You may ornament it with red sugar-sand, put on in a handsome pattern. Set it in a warm, dry place to harden, and serve it up at a dinner or evening party. It will be found very nice, and requires no cooking.

You may substitute almond sponge-cake for the mac-caroons.