Take as much sliced wheat bread (after removing the crust) as will weigh three-quarters of a pound. Warm two quarts of rich milk, and pour it hot over the bread, in a deep pan. Cover it, and when it has soaked quite soft, so as to have dissolved, set it to cool. Have ready five eggs, beaten in a shallow pan till very thick and smooth. Then mix the eggs, gradually, into the bread and milk; sprinkling in, by degrees, a small half-pint of wheat flour. Beat all together, very hard, till it becomes a smooth batter. Lastly, melt, in as much warm water as will cover it, a small tea-spoonful of sal-aratus or soda, and stir it into the mixture. Bake it on a griddle, in the usual manner of buckwheat cakes; send them to table hot, and eat them with butter.

For sal-aratus, you may substitute a yeast-powder; melting the tartaric acid (or the contents of the white paper) in one cup, and the soda (from the blue paper) in a separate cup. Stir them separately, into the batter, the soda first. Then stir the whole very hard at the last.