T. B. PETERSON, No. 102 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.

PUBLISHES THIS DAY the above Portrait, and most respectfully dedicates it to the People of the United States, and is truly proud to be able to present to the American People, so true, so faithful, so superb a memorial of the noble Statesman, for whose death a nation mourns.

This beautiful picture of HENRY CLAY was painted by the celebrated JOHN NEAGLE, on Henry Clay's farm at Ashland, Kentucky. It is full-length, and represents him surrounded with the implements of AGRICULTURE, MANUFACTURES, COMMERCE, and the ARTS, and in the well-known attitude he always assumed when addressing the Senate and the People. The graceful folds of the American Flag, to the right of the figure, lends a beauty, and makes this splendid Mezzotinto Engraving not only the best likeness of HENRY CLAY in existence, but one of the most beautiful pictures; in the world.

It is a very large Picture,Engraved by John Sartain, Esq., and is sold at the low price of One Dollar and Fifty Cents a copy.

Hear what the Editors of the leading papers say of it:

Portrait of Henry Clat. - "We have received from the publisher an admirable full-length portrait of Henry Clay, engraved by Sartain, from a picture painted at Ashland, by Neagle, in 1843. No likeness that we have seen of the illustrious statesman does better justice to the peculiar expression of his features, and we believe that it will be eagerly sought by his admirers throughout the country who desire to possess a suitable memorial of the departed chief. It is published by T 15. Peterson, Philadelphia." - New York Daily and Weekly Tribune, Edited by Horace Greeley, Esq.

"The best portrait of Henry Clay extant, has been published by T. B. Peterson, No. 98 Chesnut street. It is a superb mezzotint, from Neagle's celebrated picture, giving the full length of the great statesman and patriot, and is sold at an exceedingly low rate. The Engraving may be had on thick plate paper, framed or without a frame. Every American, without distinction of party, should have a copy of the picture." - Philad'a. Evening Bidletin.

"Mr. T. B. Peterson has just published a splendid full-length portrait of Henry Clay. It is from Neagle's celebrated painting. The likeness is remarkably striking, the attitude easy, natural and graeeful, and the effect throughout is impressive and pleasing. The many admirers of the great statesman should hasten and obtain copies. The price is quite low." - Philadelphia Daily Inquirer.

"The best portrait of Henry Clay yet published, is that published by Peterson, Chesnut street, above Third. It is from the original by Neagle, a most superb article, far surpassing the miserable catch-penny of Root. The price is One Dollar and a Half. Every admirer of the great Statesman should possess one of these life-like portraits." - Daily True American.

Our lamented statesman, Henry Clay. - " Mr. T. B. Peterson, 98 Chesnut street, is publishing a full-length portrait of Mr. Clay, which we have no doubt will be extensively patronized. It is from the celebrated painting by Neagle, and it is sufficient to say, of the mezzotint engraving, in which the portrait appears, that it is by Sartain, beyond all question the most finished and masterly artist in that line of which this country has any knowledge. The price of this splendid portrait has been put down by the publisher at a rate sufficiently low to ensure it a hearty welcome in every American mansion." - Philadelphia Saturday Courier.

Copies of the Portrait will be sent to any one by return of mail to any place in the United States, free of postage, on their remitting One Dollar and Fifty Cents in a letter, post-paid, directed to the Publisher, T. B. PETERSON, 19 No. 103 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.