To remove stains from a porcelain sink sprinkle chloride of lime in the sink, avoiding the metal on the drain. Place a damp cloth over and allow to stand over night. - Mrs. E. L. P.

Mold can be prevented in ink paste mucilage, etc., by a small quantity of carbolic acid.

A few drops of ether in a bottle of oil will prevent it becoming rancid.

Equal quantities of powdered alum and salt will stop toothache where applied.

A pinch of pepper rolled in cotton and saturated in oil will stop earache.

A sprain bathed and wrapped in hot vinegar will have instant relief.

To get rid of moths use benzine sprinkled freely on furniture, carpets, clothes, cushions, etc.

Use bath brick and vinegar to clean porcelain tub. Afterwards polish with cloth wet with coal oil. - Mrs. L. A. B.