Whip 1 quart of pastry cream until quite stiff and sweeten to taste (about 2 cups of sugar). Divide into 3 parts and flavor 1 with vanilla, another with 3 tablespoons of chocolate that has been mixed with enough hot water to make a paste, and the third with 1 small basket of strawberries that have been sweetened and pressed through a colander. Put 1 part into a mould and sprinkle with macaroon crumbs, then carefully spread on another part, spreading with more macaroon crumbs, and when the third part has been added, cover tightly and pack for 6 or 7 hours in ice and rock salt.

Grape Sherbet

One pint Welch's grape juice, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1 quart water, 1 tablespoon gelatine dissolved in cold water, juice of 3 lemons.

Grape Parfait

One pint grape juice, 1 pint water, juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 pound sugar. Stir well and freeze. When frozen stir in carefully 1 pint cream whipped stiff. Cover and pack and let stand 2 hours.

Strawberry Delectable

Make a syrup of 1 pint sugar, 1 pint water. Skim and cool. When cold add 3 cups of berry juice and juice of 1 lemon. Freeze.

Strawberry Water Ice

One-half drawer strawberries, juice of 3 lemons, 2 cups sugar, 3 pints water, 1 teaspoon gelatine dissolved and added before freezing. Freeze as ice cream. - C. L. B.

Orange Parfait

One pint of cream, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1 teaspoon granulated gelatine, 2 tablespoons cold water, pinch of salt. Add sugar to orange juice and let stand until dissolved. Soften gelatine with cold water and melt by standing over hot water if it seems too hard. Whip cream and add gelatine to orange juice. Stir in the cream. Pack in mould and let stand 2 hours (more will not hurt it) in a pan of 3 cups of ice to 1 cup of salt until fully covered. - Mrs. E. B. C.

Pineapple Sherbet

Two tablespoons of gelatine. Soak in 2 cups of cold water 15 minutes. Then dissolve in 2 cups of boiling water 1 can of grated pineapple, 3 cups of sugar, juice of 2 lemons. Add to the strained gelatine. Put in the freezer. - S. J. P.

Maple Mousse

One quart cream (stiff beaten), 1 1/2 cups maple syrup, 4 eggs beaten stiff (whites and yolks beaten separately). Mix syrup and yolks and bring to a hard boil. Take from fire and beat until cold. Add cream and whites of eggs. Freeze.


Whites of 3 eggs beaten stiff, 1 pint cream beaten stiff, glace fruit (25c.) cut fine, 1 tablespoon sugar, vanilla, 6 walnuts chopped. Mix all together, adding eggs last. Freeze 3 or 4 hours. - Miss H. Bryant.

Vanilla Ice Cream

One quart heavy cream, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 pint milk or 1 pint if not desired so rich, 1 tablespoon vanilla and pinch of salt. Enough for 10 or 12 people. More sugar and flavoring may be added if desired. Freeze by using 3 saucers of chopped ice to 1 of rock salt. - Mrs. C.

White Velvet Sherbet

Juice of 6 lemons, 3 cups sugar, 3 pints milk, 1 teaspoon lemon extract. Mix together and freeze. - Mrs. R. B. P.

Watermelon Ice

Two cups sugar, 1/2 cup milk, 1 1/2 pints watermelon juice. Mix and freeze. - Mrs. R. B. P.


Two eggs (whites only), 1 1/2 pints thick: cream, 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 box berries or 4 little baskets, 10 cents worth of dry macaroons, juice of 1/2 lemon. Whip the cream stiff; mash the berries, put through colander; add the sugar and berries, then the cream and whites. Whip stiff. - A. A. D.