Ragout Of Beef

For 6 pounds round beef, take 1/2 dozen ripe tomatoes, cut up fine 2 or 3 onions in a vessel with a tight cover; add 1/2 dozen cloves, stick cinnamon and a little whole pepper. Cut gashes in meat, stuff 1/2 pound fat port, cut in square bits. Place meat on the other ingredients and pour over them 1/2 cup vinegar and a cup of water; cover tightly and bake in moderate oven, cooking slowly 4 or 5 hours. When half done salt to taste; when done, take out meat; strain gravy through colander and thicken with flour. - S. S.


Scrapel is a most palatable dish. Take the head, heart and lean scraps of pork and boil until the flesh slips easily from the bones; remove the fat, gristle and bones, then chop fine.

Set the liquor in which the meat was boiled aside until cold; take the cake of fat from the surface and return to the fire; when it boils put in the chopped meat and season with pepper and salt, also a little thyme and sage. Let it boil again, then thicken with cornmeal as you would in making ordinary corn meal mush, by letting it slip through the fingers slowly to prevent lumps. Cook an hour on the range, stirring constantly at first, afterwards putting back on the range in a position to boil gently. Or it can be placed in a Fireless Cooker to complete the cooking. When done pour into a long square pan, not too deep and mould. In the cold weather this can be kept several weeks. Cut into slices when cold and fry brown as you do mush. This makes a cheap and delicious breakfast dish.

Spanish Tongue

Soak a tongue in cold water for 1 hour; then boil 3 hours and remove skin when tender. Sauce made same as for Spanish macaroni; adding to it 4 cloves and 4 allspice. - Mrs. S.

Swedish Meat Balls

Three slices stale bread, 1 small onion, 1/2 cup milk, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon allspice, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 2 cold cooked potatoes mashed, 4 big cups of Hamburg meat. Grind the bread and onion; mix all together thoroughly; make into small balls and fry in butter, lard or drippings. After removing the meat balls on platter, stir 3 tablespoons flour in pan and thin it with 2 cups of milk. Pour over the meat balls. - A. A. D.

Tomato Beef

Place a thick layer of the meat in the bottom of a baking dish well greased; sprinkle with pepper and salt and with dot of butter; on this arrange the solid portion of a can of tomatoes, or if fresh tomatoes use medium thick slices; cover with another layer of beef, top with buttered crumbs; pour a cupful of beef stock or tomato liquor; bake in moderate oven. - Dr. G. L.

Leg Of Lamb (French Style)

Pound the meat until the fibers are well broken. This makes the meat tender and prevents shrinkage in cooking; rub with small quantity best olive oil; then with vinegar sufficient to cut the oil. Roast in moder ately hot oven. - M. E. J.

Tagliarini (Italian)

Put 4 pounds veal pot roast in saucepan with 1/2 teacup olive oil; brown meat on all sides; to this add a can of tomatoes and chillies, chopped onion, 3 cloves, garlic and bay leaf; simmer all this for 3 hours. One hour before removing, salt to taste. Now boil a heaping dinner plate of tagliarini (or small macaroni) in salted water about 25 minutes; grate a teacupful of cheese. Remove pot roast from saucepan and strain gravy through sieve after mashing mixture well; put layer of tagliarini in baking dish and spread on layer of cheese and gravy; repeat for 3 layers; then simmer in the oven slowly for 15 minutes. - Mrs. S.