fashioned English Chicken Pie - Cover chicken (cut in pieces for serving) with boiling water; add 2 sprigs of thyme, 1 sprig of marjoram, bit of bay leaf, 2 sprigs parsely, tied in a bag; simmer gently until tender. One-half hour before chicken is done, add 1/2 pound bacon cut in small pieces. Arrange on the bottom of baking dish slices of hard cooked eggs; cover with sauted mushrooms; then a layer of chicken meat and continue until dish is filled; add 3 cups of sauce made from the liquor in the pan and thickened with 2 tablespoons butter and 4 tablespoons flour cooked together; reheat in oven and garnish with pastry points cut in shape of triangles and parsley and serve. - H. B. I.

Spring Chicken A La Yenor

Dress, wash and dry 3 half grown chickens; cut in half and thoroughly rub over, inside and outwith a clove of garlic and then salt and pepper; dredge with flour and fry in olive oil. The oil must be sufficient in quantity to submerge the chicken. When brown arrange on platter and pour over the following sauce: Put 3 heaping tablespoonfuls of butter in small frying pan and cook slowly until a rich brown; then add the strained juice of 1 lemon; let all boil for 1/2 a second and pour over the chicken, which has been sprinkled with chopped parsley. Delicious.

Poularde Renaissance

Take the breast of a good fat pullet, add 2 or 3 foies gras (or goose livers or giblets) according to their size, and 2 pounds of truffles (or mushrooms) trimmed. Season well, and let it simmer for some hours. Prepare a good chicken stuffing, and put a part of it in the inside of the fowl. The rest of the stuffing mix with the truffles and the foies gras and then fill up the fowl with it. Bind the fowl up, put lard on it, and prepare a rather firm pastry with water. Cover the fowl with it and take great care that it is completely enclosed; that no air can get through. Then put it in a very hot oven for 1 hour and 1/2. When done take the fowl out of the pastry, take off the lard, and put it on a rice foundation. Put round it quantities of truffles, mushrooms, sweetbread of lamb, and cretes volaille Villeroy (cock's comb). Have ready a good sauce made with the remnants of the truffles and fresh mushrooms, and finish with a little cream. Cut the breast of the pullet across in escalopes. Put a little of the sauce over the fowl, and send the rest of it to the table in a sauceboat.

Poulet Au Riz

Put into a frying pan a piece of butter size of 1 egg. When quite hot put in pieces of chicken dried and dredged with flour. Brown slightly, turning from time to time; soon as pieces are cooked put in stew pan; cut up a good sized onion, clove of garlic, few parsley leaves, celery, pinch of thyme, 1 bay leaf, 1 clove, 1 dry pepper-corn. Fry all until onion is brown; add 1 quart clear soup and cook slowly 1/2 hour; strain and rub through fine sieve; add the liquid to the chicken in stew pan and cook slowly until tender. Chicken must be tightly covered while cooking. To be served with rice. - L. E. N.