A Delicate Way To Cook Young Chickens

Prepare a baking pan by putting little pieces of butter or good drippings in it; then cut up young chickens as for frying and put them closely together in the pan. Have ready a little flour, pepper and salt mixed and rub this on the top and afterwards small bits of butter; then carefully just at the last moment put a little water at the sides so as not to touch the flour. If the water becomes absorbed you can add a little more. Chickens require about 1/2 an hour to bake or more, according to size. Make a cream gravy after the chickens have been taken out of the pan. Make some dainty biscuit and put them around a platter; then lay the pieces of chicken in center and serve with the cream gravy. - Mrs. J. McC.

Baked Young Chicken

Clean, remove fat and cut in quarters; put in frying pan with lots of butter; season with a little pepper and salt; place in oven, covered with a deep pan and let cook 1 hour. Older chickens may be cooked in this manner, but must be parboiled or steamed first.

Baked Chicken

Butter a baking dish, add 1 can corn, seasoned with salt and pepper and butter; add 1 can chicken well minced; season also. Cover with bread crumbs and bake in oven about 20 minutes. - I. L. P.

Baked Cream Chicken

Boil a chicken in just enough. hot water to cover until tender enough to slip easily from the bones; when cool remove from the bones. In a buttered pudding dish place a layer of chicken, then a layer of French mushrooms, then chicken and next a layer of hard boiled eggs. Alternate until the dish is almost full, seasoning each layer with butter, pepper and salt. Put a heaping teaspoonful of butter in a saucepan on the stove. As it melts stir in slowly 2 tablespoonfuls of flour; add a pint of cream and 1/2 pint of the chicken broth. Cook until very thick. Pour over the chicken and bake 1/2 hour. - Mrs. F. D.

Chicken Loaf

Boil a fowl till meat and bones separate; strain and put liquor in saucepan; reduce to 1 1/2 pints; add 1/4 box soaked gelatine; fill mold with alternate layers of white and dark meat; season the liquor and pour over the meat; set away to harden when it will become a jelly.

Chicken Pie

Two chickens cut in small pieces and parboiled 1/2 hour. Have sufficient water (3 pints) for plenty of gravy; season this with pepper, salt, 1/2 teaspoon mace and about 1/2 pound of butter; boil this to season chicken 1/2 hour longer. Make a rich pastry to line sides of dish; place a cup in center to prevent the gravy from boiling out; place the chicken around it; pour over the gravy thickened with a great spoonful of flour; drop over this 4 raw eggs; cover with upper crust gashed to let out gas and bake 1/2 hour. - Mrs. J. W. C.


Dress a large, fat hen (a young chicken is not good); lay the fowl breast down and beginning at the back, cut the skin at the neck, pulling the skin and flesh, leaving the bones all in one piece; keep cutting the meat from the bones without cutting it into pieces, so you can stuff it. You must have it whole without any bones and only cut on the back. Make the stuffing with yolks of 4 eggs, 1 glass sherry wine, 2 cupfuls sausage meat, salt, pepper and a little mace, nutmeg, a little sage. Then begin and put in a layer of the stuffing, then some strips of fat pork (fresh) cut in squares and in each square a slice of a truffle. Repeat until the chicken is completely filled. Now sew up the opening and wrap a napkin around it and sew so as not to separate from the chicken. Put into a kettle 2 calves' feet, the bones of the chicken and on top of these the stuffed chicken wrapped up. Salt the water and boil for 3 or 4 hours to insure proper cooking of the stuffing, enough of the water to cover all. When cooked remove the napkin, now put a glass of sherry with the calves' feet, break a fresh egg into it, still all together and strain through a fine strainer and when the gelatine sets place around the chicken on a plate. Gelatine is best eaten cold, but can be relished either warm or cold. P. S. - A little garlic should be put into the dressing. - Mrs. F. D.