In presenting to our friends this compilation of recipes, all tested by Corona Club cooks or their friends, we feel that we are offering something which will prove a helpful addition to the culinary department of the home.

In selecting from the many splendid recipes submitted, we have endeavored to combine the practical with the novel, and the dainty with the economic, avoiding duplicates and trying to make each department as complete as space would permit.

We sincerely thank the members and friends who have made this publication possible by sending material for its pages, either in the form of recipes or of advertisements which have insured its financial success.

We acknowledge our indebtedness to the advertisers. We have endeavored to solicit from firms and persons of high standing only, and we earnestly request that you favor them with your patronage when possible.

This little volume is sent forth with the hope that through it Corona Club may be enabled to lay the corner stone for its club house, thereby realizing the fulfillment of a fond and worthy ambition.

May each purchaser like it so well that she will be filled with a desire to send a copy to her freind, and may her friend, possessing it, desire to enrich her friends in turn.