Gooseberry Sweets

An old English recipe for gooseberry preserve, when once found a place in the store closet, will not be permitted to be missed again. Press the juice from 3 oranges and shave off the rind, being careful not to mix in any white part. Remove the top and stems from 5 pounds of gooseberries; seed 2 pounds of raisins and chop all together very fine. Add 4 pounds of sugar and the orange juice, cook slowly for an hour. Turn into jars or tumblers, and when cold spread a layer of powdered sugar on the top of each glass and seal.

An Excellent Jam

Two quarts strawberries, 2 quarts gooseberries. 4 quarts sugar. Prepare fruit, add sugar. Boil slowly several hours or till thick.

Mint Jelly

One-half box Knox's gelatine, 1/2 cup cold water, 2 bunches mint, 2 1/2 cups boiling water, juice of 2 lemons. Soak gelatine 5 minutes in the cold water. Wash and dry mint; let stand in hot water 1/2 hour. Add sugar and gelatine. Pour water from mint over the whole. Let dissolve; then strain. Add lemon juice and pour in mould. (Serve with cold lamb.) - A. L. B.

Orange Marmalade

Six large seedless oranges. Cut in very thin slices, peel and pulp, discarding both ends. Stand 24 hours in 3 quarts water. Put on stove and cook till it is a thick mass, cutting the rinds as they soften with a spoon as fine as you like. When thick add 5 pounds sugar and boil an hour or little more. Add juice of 3 lemons before removing from the fire. Pour into glasses or jars and seal with paraffine. The secret of success in this recipe is to cook it well before the sugar is put in - 2 hours or more if necessary - to boil it down thick, but after the sugar is in long cooking spoils the flavor and the looks. - Mrs. J. W. C.

California Marmalade

Twelve peaches, 12 pears, 1 pineapple, 6 oranges, 6 lemons, 2 quarts crab apples peeled and quartered; weigh after quartering. Divide peaches, pears and oranges each into 8 parts. Cut pineapple into small pieces and slice lemon very thin. Weigh all fruit. Add 3/4 as much sugar as fruit and simmer gently 2 hours. After it boils up stir as little as possible. Seal when cold.

Mixed Berry Jam

Equal parts of blackberries, raspberries and loganberries. Use 3/4 of a pound of sugar to 1 pound of fruit. Mix sugar and fruit and let stand over night. In the morning pour off the juice and boil same 15 minutes, pour over berries and boil 1/2 an hour.

Peach Butter

Skin 4 quarts of peaches; put on with 1 pint of cider, 1 pint of water, add sugar to taste, 1 teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and 1/2 a teaspoonful of ground cloves, and cook slowly until quite thick. If after considerable boiling it does not thicken sufficiently, add 3 or 4 apples to the mixture and let it all cook down together. Put through a colander. Fill pint jars and seal. - H. M. B.

Candied Peaches

Put 25 large peaches in water then rub off the down. Stone them and put in a kettle with 2 pounds of granulated sugar, a layer of fruit and a layer of sugar; add 1/2 pint water and place over moderate fire. When syrup is thick put into a large flat dish. Flatten fruit with wooden spoon and turn from time to time, putting them in sunshine. When nearly dry roll in colored sugar.