Dried Or Split Pea Soup

One pint dried or split peas, 1 quart boiling water, 1 bunch celery, 1 small bunch parsley, 1 quart cream or milk, 2 onions, salt and pepper. Soak peas over night. In the morning drain, cover with quart of boiling water and set over a low fire to cook till tender. Cut celery, parsley and onions fine and add to boiling peas. When tender press through a sieve and season with pepper and salt to taste. Let boil up once and just before serving add hot cream or milk Stir well. A ham bone improves the flavor. If skim milk is used add piece of butter to taste.

Oyster Soup

Wash 1 quart of oysters and add 1 pint of water; drain, heat the liquor and skim well. Add the oysters, cook slowly 10 minutes, then rub the oysters through a sieve Melt 3 tablespoonfuls of butter, add slice of onion and bit of mace and tablespoonfuls of flour. Pour on slowly 1 quart milk (hot), add the oysters and liquor. Salt and pepper to taste. - M. C.

Original Soup

Put 1 tablespoontul butter into a granite saucepan (butter or olive oil): when the butter melts put into it 1 carrot sliced. 2 cloves of garlic sliced, 1 small onion, a stalk of celery sliced, a sprig of parsley and thyme, 1 dried red pepper and a slice of bacon diced; let all this simmer slowly for 1/2 hour; then stir into it a tablespoonful flour; add a can of tomatoes and let it simmer for another half hour, then remove from the stove and strain through a soup sieve; replace on the stove, add 1 teaspoonful sugar, 1 of Durley's celery sait, 1 pinch of pounded cloves and pinch of pounded thyme, 1 pinch of powdered marjoram, salt to taste, then add about a pint of good rich soup stock, let it simmer a few minutes; add one teaspoonful cornstarch dissolved in cold water. Let the soup cook four minutes longer and serve with croutons. Stock can be added to this soup for ten persons. Always use a granite spoon for this soup. - F. D.

Perfection Oyster Soup

For 2 persons open 1 dozen large Eastern or 2 dozen California oysters, being careful to preserve every drop of liquid, which place in chafing-dish. The oysters divide evenly - 6 or a dozen - as may be, on the plates in which the soup is to be served. To the liquid in the chafing-dish add 1 pint fresh rich milk, a piece of choice butter the size of an egg. salt and pepper to taste and a dash of cayenne pepper and 2 rolled crisp soda crackers. Let all boil up just once, remove immediately and pour half and half over the oysters in the plates. Serve at once with oyster crackers.

P. S. - Should fresh oysters not be available choice canned oysters may be used. They will make a good but not perfection oyster soup. - F. D.

Potato Chowder

Six good sized potatoes. 1 tablespoonful flour. 1 good sized onion, 1/4 pound bacon or ham, 1 tablespoonful chopped parsley, 1 tablespoonful butter, 1 pint milk, 1 pint water. Pare and cut potatoes into dice and chop the onion fine. Cut bacon or ham into small pieces. Put bacon or ham and the onion in a frying pan and fry until a light brown. Now put a layer of potatoes in the bottom of a saucepan, then a sprinkling of the ham or bacon, onion, parsley, salt and pepper, then a layer of potatoes, and so on until all is used. Add the water, cover closely and simmer 20 minutes. Then add the milk. Rub the butter and flour together. Add to the boiling chowder and stir carefully until it boils. Taste to see if properly seasoned; if not, add more salt and pepper and serve. - Mrs. Dewey Coffin.