To keep a cut lemon fresh place unused portion in a small cup of water, not covering the pulp.

Sliced lemon in stewed prunes is a great addition.

In stuffing peppers if you will boil the peppers first for a few minutes until you can pierce them with a fork they are more delicious.

To keep the finger nails from cracking, when obliged to have the hands in water a great deal, dip in olive oil daily for a time. Never cut them - use a fine file.

Parawax is another useful article. When anything has burned on to the bottom of a saucepan or kettle, do not scrape a hole in the dish; just put a spoonful of some good washing powder or soap and a piece of paraffine the size of a walnut into the vessel with 1/2 pint of hot water. Let simmer on the back of the stove an hour or so; then wash.

When clothes are to be boiled dissolve 1/2 bar of good soap and tablespoonful parawax in hot water. Have boiler with hot water ready. Pour in the mixture, to which a few drops of liquid bluing have been added. Wet the clothes in tepid water, soaping thoroughly. Then put into the boiler and boil for 15 minutes or longer. If very dirty have your rinsing water hot.