Corn Oysters

Two cupfuls of corn, 1 egg (well beaten), 1/2 teacupful of flour, salt. Mix well, drop from tablespoon into boiling fat. - C. M. B.

Eggplant A La Bourbon

Pour a cupful of cream into an earthen baking dish. Upon this put several slices of eggplant, which must be cut very thin. Salt and add 1/2 can of tomatoes (or layer of sliced fresh tomato) and sprinkle the top with bits of Eastern cheese about the size of an almond, and salt and pepper. When this has been done cover with a rather thick layer of spaghetti, broken in pieces about 2 inches in length (cooked), more cheese, follow with more egg plant, more tomato, (layer of chopped bell peppers, and a top layer of eggplant), more cheese, pepper and salt and finally over the whole pour about a pint of good stock or more cream (or milk). Bake in a steady, slow oven for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. - Good. - H. M. K.

Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplants boiled until a straw can be passed through them. Make a batter out of 1 egg, a little flour, bread crumbs, about 2 teaspoons melted butter, pepper and salt, 1 small onion, minced. Cut eggplants in two, take out contents, and add with batter. Place back in shells, then put cracker crumbs and little melted butter on top and bake until brown - about 1/2 hour. - Mrs. T. G. I.

Stuffed Eggplant (A Very Nice Entree)

Boil the whole egg plant till tender, not soft. Remove from the water and cut each lengthwise In halves. Scoop out the inside, leaving the skin thick enough to serve as a receiver. To the pulp thus scooped out add an equal quantity of soaked bread, yolks of eggs (about 1 to each whole eggplant), a little minced parsley, salt, pepper and plenty of melted butter, lastly adding the beaten whites of the eggs. Return this mixture to the receivers, cover each with bread crumbs and bits of butter, and bake in a quick oven about 15 minutes. Serve hot on lettuce leaves or sprigs of parsley.

Minced Kale

Remove all the old and tough leaves. Wash the kale thoroughly and drain, then put on to cook in a kettle of boiling water that has been salted. Boil rapidly, with the cover off the kettle, until the vegetable is tender. Pour off the water and chop the kale rather fine; then put back into the kettle and add 1 tablespoonful of butter and 2 of meat broth Or water for each pint of the minced vegetables. Cook for 10 minutes and serve at once.


Boil 2 pounds of ribbon macaroni for 20 minutes. Chop fine 1 onion, a bunch of celery (only the white part), a bunch of parsley, 1 red pepper, some dried mushrooms. Flavor with a tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce. Cook this all in a sauce pan with butter. Add 1 can of tomatoes; cook all together. When well cooked add the macaroni. Mix thoroughly. Salt to taste. Bake in oven with grated Italian cheese on top.

Macaroni With Brown Sauce

Take a clove of garlic, 1/2 onion, sprig of parsley, stalk of celery, sprig of thyme. Chop them all fine and fry to a golden brown in butter. Add 1 spoonful flour. Cook for a few moments, then add 1 cup stock. Stir well and strain over a dish of macaroni which has been boiled until soft in salted water or stock. Serve very hot and with grated cheese. - A. A. F.