Baked Beets

Beets are far better baked than boiled, though it takes a longer time to cook properly. French cooks bake them slowly for six hours in a covered dish, the bottom of which is lined with well-moistened rye straw; however, they may be baked on the oven grate, like potatoes. Wipe dry after washing, and bake slowly. They are very nice served with a sauce made with equal quantities of lemon juice and whipped cream, with a little salt.

Beets And Potatoes

Boil newly matured potatoes and young beets separately till tender; then peel and slice. Put them in alternate layers in a vegetable dish, with salt to taste, and enough sweet cream to nearly cover. Brown in the oven, and serve at once.

Beet Hash

Chop quite finely an equal quantity of cold boiled or baked beets and boiled or baked potatoes. Put into a shallow saucepan, add salt and sufficient hot cream to moisten. Toss frequently, and cook until well heated throughout. Serve hot.

Beet Greens

Take young, tender beets, clean thoroughly without separating the tops and roots. Examine the leaves carefully, and pick off inferior ones. Put into boiling water, and cook for nearly an hour. Drain, press out all water, and chop quite fine. Serve with a dressing of lemon juice or cream, as preferred.

Beet Salad, Or Chopped Beets

Cold boiled or baked beets, chopped quite fine but not minced, make a nice salad when served with a dressing of lemon juice and whipped cream in the proportion of three tablespoonfuls of lemon juice to one-half cup of whipped cream, and salt if desired.

Boiled Beets

Wash carefully, drop into boiling water, and cook until tender. When done, drop into cold water for a minute, after which the skins can be easily rubbed off with the hand. Slice, and serve hot with lemon juice or with a cream sauce.