Water Biscuit With Egg

Beat together until thoroughly mingled, the yolk of an egg and one-half cup of ice-cold water. With this incorporate flour enough to make a dough which will clear the board without its being dusted with flour, but not so stiff that it will be difficult to shape. Work and shape as directed above. Bake one hour in a well-heated oven. The dough may be formed into rolls or sticks, if preferred.

Beaten Biscuit

Into a quart of whole-wheat flour mix a large cup of thin sweet cream in the same manner as for breakfast rolls. The dough must be very stiff, and rendered soft and pliable by thorough kneading and afterward pounding with a mallet for at least half an hour in the following manner: Pound the dough out flat, and until of the same thickness throughout; dredge lightly with flour; double the dough over evenly and pound quickly around the outside, to fasten the edges together and thus retain the air within the dough. When well worked, the dough will appear flaky and brittle, and pulling a piece of it off quickly will cause a sharp, snapping sound. Mold into small biscuits, making a hole in the center of each, - hold the biscuit in the left hand, and with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand press the dough until they meet. Place on perforated tins, with a space between, and put at once into the oven. The oven should be of the same temperature as for rolls. If they are soggy inside when cold, they were not well baked, as they should be light and tender. If preferred, use one-third white flour, instead of all whole-wheat. Excellent results are also obtained by chopping instead of pounding the dough.