Celery Salad

Break the stems apart, cut off all green portions, and after washing well, put into cold water for an hour or so before serving.

Stewed Celery

Cut the tender inner parts of celery heads into pieces about a finger long. The outer and more fibrous stalks may be saved to season soups. Put in a stew-pan, and add sufficient water to cover; then cover the pan closely, and set it where it will just simmer, for an hour, or until the celery is perfectly tender. When cooked, add a pint of rich milk, part cream if you have it, salt to taste, and when boiling, stir in a tablespoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little milk. Boil up once and serve.

Celery With Tomato Sauce

Prepare the celery as in the preceding recipe, and cook until tender in a small quantity of boiling water. Drain in a colander, and for three cups of stewed celery prepare a sauce with a pint of strained stewed tomato, heated to boiling and thickened with a tablespoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little cold water. If desired, add a half cup of thin cream. Turn over the celery, and serve hot.

Celery And Potato Hash

To three cups of cold boiled or baked potato, chopped rather fine, add one cup of cooked celery, minced. Put into a shallow saucepan with cream enough to moisten well, and salt to season. Heat to boiling, tossing and stirring so that the whole will be heated throughout, and serve while hot.