Barley Fig Pudding

One pint of well-steamed pearled barley, two cups of finely chopped best figs, one-half cup of sugar, one-half cup of thin sweet cream, and one and one-half cups of fresh milk. Mix all thoroughly, turn into an earthen pudding-dish; place it in the oven in a pan half full of hot water, and bake slowly till the milk is nearly absorbed. The pudding should be stirred once or twice during the baking, so that the figs will be distributed evenly, instead of rising to the top.

Cocoanat And Corn-Starch Blancmange

Simmer two table-spoonfuls of desiccated cocoanut in a pint of milk for twenty minutes, and strain through a fine sieve. If necessary, add more cold milk to make the full pint. Add a tablespoonful of sugar, heat to boiling, and stir in gradually two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch rubbed smooth in a very little cold milk. Cook five minutes, turn into cups, and serve cold with fruit sauce or cream.

Corn-Starch With Raisins

Measure out one pint of rich milk. Rub two tablespoonfuls of corn-starch perfectly smooth with a little of the milk, and heat the remainder to boiling, adding to it a tablespoonful of sugar. Add the braided corn-starch, and let it cook until it thickens, stirring constantly. Then add a half cup of raisins which have been previously steamed. This may be served hot with sugar and cream, or turned into cups and molded and served cold with lemon, orange, or other fruit sauce for dressing.

Corn-Starch Fruit Mold

Heat a quart of strawberry, raspberry, or currant juice, sweetened to taste, to boiling. If the pure juice of berries is used, it may be diluted with one cup of water to each pint and a half of juice. Stir into it four tablespoonfuls of corn-starch well braided with a little of the juice reserved for this purpose. Boil until the starch is well cooked, stirring constantly. Pour into molds previously wet with cold water, and cool. Serve with cream and sugar. A circle of fresh berries around the mold when served adds to its appearance.

Cracked Wheat Padding

A very simple pudding may be made with two cups of cold, well-cooked cracked wheat, two and a fourth cups of milk, and one-half cup of sugar. Let the wheat soak in the milk till thoroughly mixed and free from lumps; then add the sugar and a little grated lemon peel, and bake about three fourths of an hour in a moderate oven. It should be of a creamy consistency when cold, but will appear quite thin when taken from the oven. By flavoring the milk with cocoanut, a different pudding may be produced. Rolled or pearled wheat may be used for this pudding. A cupful of raisins may be added, if desired.

Farina Blancmange

Heat a quart of milk, reserving one-half cup, to boiling. Then add two tablespoonfuls of sugar, and four heaping tablespoonfuls of farina, previously moistened with the reserved half cup of milk. Let all boil rapidly for a few minutes till the farina has well set, then place in a double boiler, or a dish set in a pan of boiling water, to cook an hour longer.

Mold in cups previously wet with cold water. Serve with sugar and cream flavored with vanilla or a little grated lemon rind, mock cream, or cocoanut sauce.