Wash each leaf separately, put into cold water, and set on ice or on the cellar bottom for an hour or more before using. Dry the leaves with a soft towel, and use whole or tear into convenient pieces with a silver fork; never cut with a knife. Serve with a dressing prepared of equal quantities of lemon juice and sugar, diluted with a little ice-water; or with a dressing of cream and sugar, in the proportion of three or four table-spoonfuls of thin cream to a teaspoonful of sugar. The dressing may be prepared, and after the sugar is dissolved, a very little lemon juice (just enough to thicken the cream slightly, but not sufficient to curdle it) may be added, if desired.

Lettuce Salad With Tomato Dressing

Prepare the lettuce as previously directed, and serve with a dressing of strained, stewed tomato and lemon juice, in the proportion of one tablepoonful of lemon juice to one small cup of tomato, with salt to season. A garnish of the chopped or grated yolks of hard-boiled eggs makes a pleasing addition.


Wash thoroughly young and tender radishes, and arrange in a glass dish with the taper ends meeting. Scatter bits of cracked ice among them. An inch of the stem, if left on, serves as a convenience in handling.