Many persons suffer from biliousness, nervous and sick-headache, and various forms of indigestion, from the use of butter, milk, and cream, without being aware that these substances are harmful to them. Persons suffering from dilatation of the stomach, a condition which is exceedingly common, must avoid milk and butter in all forms. Nut butter and nut meal have been prepared as substitutes for butter and cream. In nut butter, the fat is in a state of perfect emulsion, so that it mixes well with water. Thus it does not interfere with digestion.

Nut butter may be used in all dishes in which cream or butter is ordinarily used; as it has only about one half as much fat as ordinary butter, twice the quantity may be used. Nut meal may be used in about the same proportion, if preferred. Two tablespoonfuls of either the nut butter or meal may be used in place of one cup of cream for seasoning soups and vegetables.

A Quickly Prepared Soup

Into a quart of water slice a, small onion, and add a teaspoonful of nut butter. Heat to boiling, then remove the slices of onion, which are used simply for flavoring the soup, and stir in six rounding tablespoonfuls of No. 3 gluten prepared by the Battle Creek Sanitarium Health Food Co. Boil until thickened, add salt to season, and it is ready to serve.

Nut Butter Pie Crust

Take one tablespoonful of nut butter to one cup of flour, and use in same manner as ordinary shortening, adding cold water sufficient to make a dough.

Baked Cabbage

Chop cabbage fine, and cook in boiling water twenty minutes. Drain in a colander. To one quart of the cooked cabbage add a cupful of water in which has been dissolved a dessert-spoonful of nut butter, two well-beaten eggs, and the juice of one lemon. Add salt to taste. Mix thoroughly, and bake in a double baker until the cabbage is thoroughly done and the egg well cooked.

Lentil And Tomato Soup

Two and three-fourths cups of lentils (measured after having been cooked and rubbed through a colander), one cup of strained tomato, one teaspoonful of nut butter, and two stalks of celery. To these add sufficient water to make the soup of proper consistency. Heat to boiling, remove the celery, and add salt to season and one teaspoonful of browned flour rubbed to a paste with a little water. Boil for two or three minutes until the flour is cooked, then serve.

Nuts With Lentils

Use three pints of strained cooked lentils, and one pint of stewed tomato; season to taste with nut butter and salt, and bake. If desired, the lentils may first be cooked with onion to flavor.

Lentil Dressing

Cook some good lentils with a few slices of onion to give them flavor. When tender, rub through a colander, and add one half as much stewed and strained tomato as there is of the lentils; add salt to season and a tablespoonful of nut butter to each quart of dressing. This makes an excellent dressing for baked potatoes, vegetable roasts, and also for toast.

Nut Sauce

Heat a quart of water in which a tablespoonful of nut butter has been dissolved, to boiling. Thicken with three tablespoonfuls of browned flour, add salt to season; cook thoroughly for five or ten minutes, then add one-third cup of hot stewed strained tomato. Beat thoroughly, when it is ready to serve. This is excellent as a dressing for toast and for vegetables.

Nut Butter Sandwiches

Spread slices of thinly cut graham bread with nut butter, and then with chopped dates or figs. Finely minced celery is excellent used in the same manner.

Almond Meal Gems

Add to the well-beaten whites of two eggs one teaspoonful of lemon juice and ten scant tablespoonfuls of almond meal. Beat thoroughly together, drop in slightly heated gem-irons, and bake ten or fifteen minutes.

Nut Butter Puffs

Mix together to an emulsion one heaping tablespoonful of nut butter in one cup of soft ice-water; add the yolk of one egg, and beat until full of air bubbles; then sift in slowly, beating thoroughly meanwhile, two cups of whole-wheat flour; lastly add the well-beaten white of the egg, folding it in lightly but completely. Turn into heated irons, and bake.